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Folly Beach
Folly Beach

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THIS IS SPECTACULAR!!!! love how the shape of the tree blends in with the shape of the coduls.. how on the right it is as if that tiny branch is holding up the cloud and the left appears as if the cloud is part of the tree.. wonder what it would look like in B&W

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I took lessons from Shaka this <a href="http://bjxwclxnf.com"> ;suemmr</a> after giving surfing a try with some friends. Shaka taught me how to read the waves, surfing techniques, and safety. They were so encouraging and answered all of my questions. After 3 lessons with Shaka and practice time on my own I am now surfing on my own and go at least 2-4 times a week. Surfing is a sport that's hard to explain fun and challenging, but has also brought me focus. I'm so glad to have learned (oh and I am 39).

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My son and daughter in law were just <a href="http://ptokeexh.com"> mairred</a> on the beach over the Labor day weekend on Folly Beach. We stayed in a breath-taking Beach house off W. Ashley and had an awesome time! We all fell in love with Folly Beach, SC!!

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